Law Firm & Small \ Medium Business CIO & CTO services

We evaluate, test, and price the top software, applications & hardware you need to support your firm. This saves you time and prevents costly mistakes. We partner with the best companies to buy as a group to lower your costs and allow your small firm to use large firm technology at a reasonable price. 

Cloud Hosted Redundant Phone Systems

If you're still working with the phone company we can replace your phone system with a new State of the art crystal clear phone system with automatic updates and no maintenance costs. The price is less than your current phone bill! Reach out for a quote.

Scalable Offsite Backup Solutions

If you're currently taking a backup tape or hard drive home there are better pain-free options. Please ask for a free backup audit.

Internet Circuit and Colocation Acquisition 

Value-added reseller of internet and Colocation services. Volume discounts and represent close to 100 providers.