Law Firm & Small \ Medium Business CIO & CTO services

We evaluate, test, and price the top software, applications & hardware you need to support your firm. This saving you time and prevents costly mistakes. We partner with the best companies to buy as a group to lower your costs and allow your small firm to use large firm technology at a reasonable price. 

Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

Starting fresh and need a low-cost expandable solution? Tired of onsite equipment power failures or other struggles? Want to work anywhere anytime from your own PC or Laptop, an iPad or tablet computer, or even your smartphone? We offer a cloud-hosted virtual server and desktop infrastructure. Ask for a Demo!

Managed Servers & Desktop Infrastructure

Have a mix of new and old equipment been purchased over several years? Setting up a new firm or need a complete update? We will customize a system for your needs to minimize downtime and maximize billable hours for your team. 

Internet Circuit and Colocation Acquisition 

Value-added reseller of internet and Colocation services. Volume discounts and represent close to 100 providers. 

Cloud Hosted Redundant Phone System

If you're still working with the phone company, we can replace your phone system with a new State of the art crystal clear phone system with automatic updates and no maintenance costs. In addition, the price is less than your current phone bill! Reach out for a quote.

Low-Cost Offsite Backup

If you're currently taking a backup tape or hard drive home, there are better pain-free options. Please ask for a free backup audit.

Managed Updates & Antivirus for your PC's or Laptops

Broken Windows updates? Expired Antivirus popups? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for an inexpensive solution. 

Break-Fix services

Not ready for a longer commitment or need help now with a single issue? We offer break-fix services payable via hourly rate.